Here is what some of Michelle’s clients have to say:

“Michelle partnered with our organizational team leaders, growing our leadership abilities and bringing out the best of our talents. This helped us create a positive change during a key juncture and allowed our team to organically grow our capabilities. It was a great victory for both me and the team.” –Bruce Silverman, Global Vice President, Private Label Division, Whole Foods Market

“Michelle led several highly successful retreats for the ZACH Theatre staff and board over the past two years. Her dedication to purpose, detail orientation, and listening skills were outstanding. She worked diligently to create sessions that were both energetic and creative while meeting the need to accomplish some very weighty tasks at the same time. She earned the respect of a wide range of business and community leaders as well as actors and non-profit staff members.” –Elisbeth Challener, Managing Director, ZACH Theatre

“Michelle has a wonderful talent in getting people to see their talents and full potential. Having her 1:1 coaching and individualized input was invaluable. And, giving presentations in front of the camera and receiving on-the-spot feedback were invaluable. Her facilitation skills included great team building experiences and was outstanding for building sustainable confidence level. This five-day program is perfect timing for our QASAS & Ammunition Programs for the Federal Government. I look forward to having Michelle come back for more “spot-check” programs and coaching maintenance on our progress. She’s awesome.” –Jayson, U.S. Civilian Army QASAS Program Leader, Federal Government

“Our coach, Michelle, is a change catalyst, a ‘transformer’ for any situation and any organization. Michelle’s vision, initiative, patience, respect, persistence, courage and faith make her a transforming leader. Overall, she helped me learn the most important things about life lessons and personal development. By helping us apply things to life that weren’t Walgreens specific, but about developing ourselves we become better people. Michelle is a valuable piece of the Walgreens’ puzzle. I appreciate everything you did for myself and my class. Thank you for being a leader and reminding me that I am one as well.” –Jenny Edwards, Walgreens Manager

“Michelle, for tow years now, has been on of the best investments I’ve ever made. Being a business owner who places high value on faith, family and friends, Michelle helps me maintain balance, structure and growth in these areas. She coaches me to think outside of my box and answer my difficult questions. Michelle is extremely insightful and has an intuition that is second to none. Since working with Michelle, my business has grown 250% and I absolutely credit Michelle’s coaching to this growth. More importantly, my husband has noticed an enormous positive difference in me and THAT is what’s most important. I can’t imagine my life without the coaching of Michelle Ewalt!!” –Neissa Springmann, Founder & President, iGnite Your Life Now, Outdoor Fitness Business

“When I hired Michelle, I knew it was something I had to do. I felt stuck professionally although I knew I was in the right job. Michelle helped me realize what my key strengths and skills are and gave me the insight to focus the majority of my efforts utilizing those key strengths. As a result I was not only reengaged and happy at work but I began performing at stellar levels. Michelle coached me through any barriers that would come up for me and I always left my sessions feeling as though I could tackle anything. Michelle’s coaching impacted not only my career but all areas of my life. I can honestly say I am a better person all the way around and I owe it all to Michelle’s guidance, coaching and expertise. I’m excited to see what the future holds as Michelle continues to help me peel back the onion. Michelle is the best in her field, no doubt.” –Sheila Bostick, Sr. Vice President, Treaty Oak Bank


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