As a thought leader, Michelle has appeared in and contributed many articles:

Austin Business District: Trends and Transformation: Dan Pink Feature

Business Trends: The new bottom line begins with a searching for meaning

NSIDE Magazine: Prepared for Change: Four part series

Change our Constant Companion (Nita Peebles/Outplacement consulting)
A Career Change? Pursuing the Possibilities (Angelos Angelou/ Economic Development Leader)
Jack Welch & Team in Transition Feature: Don’t Make that Career Change without a Plan
Dedicating Energy to the Plan

Austin Woman Magazine: Mind, Body and Spiritual Fitness: Five part series: Integrating Steps for Sustainable Fitness in All Areas of Life

Fitness First: Connecting Body, Mind, Soul
Emotional Fitness: Connecting Body, Mind, Soul
Fitness First: Career & Business
Fitness First: Mental Fitness
Fitness First: Spiritual Fitness

Austin Triathletes Newsletter

Mind Inquiries: Mental and Physical


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