Create Change from the Inside Out: Transitioning Life and Organization

Michelle Ewalt Is the Founder and Executive Coach for Team in Transition; specializing in personal and professional development solutions for individuals, teams, and organizations to align with principles of workability, effectiveness, and productivity.

Results are achieved through key focus areas:

  • Align Natural Instincts and Talent
  • Integrate Foundational Principles
  • Invigorate Presence and Leadership
  • Consult Organization’s Transition

Inspired action & focused imagination are required for creating new and different outcomes. When the mental mind takes a back seat, visions turn from possibilities into realities.” - Michelle Ewalt

Clients Include

Whole Foods Market (HQ)

United States Civilian Army


National Football League (NFL)

City of Chula Vista

Local Athletes & Coaches

Zach Scott Theatre, and more….

Benefits of Integrated Coaching & Consulting

  • Inspire imagination and utilization of core instincts, passion and talent; translating action into productivity.
  • Lift limiting core beliefs and avail mental resources to engage talent and increase levels of individual and organization effectiveness.
  • Imbue impact into message, vision, and intentions for refocused leadership; integrate results for workability.
I came to Michelle looking for a quick fix for my career. I wanted to change my outside conditions to make me “happy”.She saw that hidden inside me was what would make me more than happy. With Michelle, I have discovered truths that were always there and are now my guides. I now have tools and resources to continue down this path. Awakening to the truth of who you are affects and improves every part of your life, not just your career. A few of the outcomes I have seen and continue to strive for are:

  • - Personal clarity and presence
  • - Owning my leadership skills and personal power
  • - Increasing levels of ease in relationships

Working with instead of against my natural way of being has made a huge difference in the enjoyment of what I do and is providing me opportunities that I had not dreamed of. Michelle is an inspiring coach with incredible insight as well as very practical experience that integrates personal and career aspects together.”

- Karen,

Global Real Estate Executive, AMD
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“If we want to hear something different, we don’t change the music, we change the station; the frequency we’re listening to. In our work life, that gives us access to greater levels of productivity, workability, and overall effectiveness.” - Michelle Ewalt

” If you are willing to leave behind your old, limiting beliefs and open yourself to the possibility of achieving real, tangible results in your personal and professional life, hire Michelle. She serves as a trusted guide and her pioneering approach pushes me in ways I’ve never experienced. Her intuition, patience and energy are gifts she shares freely and I am grateful for the opportunity to be her client. I can think of no better partner as I work toward living the most authentic, extraordinary life possible.”

- Erin,

Customer Success Partner, Socialware
More Testimonials

Recognized 2013 Most Inspirational for Austin Fittest Entrepreneur Nomination & Challenge Participation

by Austin Business and Fitness Community in conjuction with Fit Company.

Michelle’s passion and motivation to be of service to others began with using her personal recovery from a childhood injury.

Having a visceral understanding of navigating change and creating solutions for key intersections; this became her life’s work. Michelle is known for creativity, quality solutions for complex client situations, and pioneering elegant solutions for results.

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